A desired refugee. Einstein and the Red Star Line

From 18 April, the free exhibition called ‘A desired refugee. Einstein and the Red Star Line’ will be running in the ‘Loods’, which is the name of the old baggage shed of the Red Star Line Museum. This presentation zooms in on the most famous person who ever travelled with the shipping company: Albert Einstein.

As a world-famous scientist, Einstein travelled in first class on the Red Star Line ships several times. The most radical journey was most likely on the steam ship Belgenland in 1933, from New York back to Antwerp. He was still living in Germany then, where the Nazis had come to power. On the boat, he decided no longer to travel on to Germany when he heard that the militia had raided one of his residences. After staying in Belgium for a few months and then in the United Kingdom, he left with another Red Star Line ship, the Westernland, for America for good.

This presentation shows the major interweaving between Albert Einstein and Antwerp, Belgium and the Red Star Line. On which Red Star Line ships did he travel and what did his cabin look like? At which of Antwerp's hotels did he stay and how was he portrayed in Antwerp's press? The exhibition also addresses his stay at the Cantecroy Castle in Mortsel and his attitude towards the United States.

Millions of people, one dream | Red Star Line Museum
Donors tend to fade into the background behind the objects they have given to the museum. But to celebrate our anniversary, we are bringing them out into the limelight. Photographer Koen Broos has turned his camera on 10 of them: one for each year of the museum’s existence.




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